Don’t Push Me!

I am not someone who likes to be pushed in to things. Any push, shove or even a hard nudge has this acute effect on me- it gives me muscles. Think Popeye’s bulging forearm and keep that image in your mind. Of course, I don’t sprout biceps but I do develop strength that comes with indignation and dig in my heels pretty deep. In simple language- I resist the use of force.

I am told this is human nature, we like doing the opposite; we feel like rebelling and we like nursing our ego. We like to keep the semblance of knowing what is good for us.

Now that Psychology and Anthropology explains the reasons behind my rebelling tendencies, I feel validation of sorts. ‘So don’t push me in to anything’, I warned my good friend as we discussed religion and rituals. She smiled and she shared her thoughts and beliefs with me; pausing to hear my thoughts as well. She guided me along and I allowed myself to be lead. Happily I trotted when the realization hit – I am altering my thought process. I have always resisted changing my thoughts and ideas. Those were the ideas that I have rebelled against. Really?

Hey!!! Stop!!! What about human nature and Anthropology? Why am I not developing muscles and rebelling? Why am I altering my thoughts and allowing changes in my lifelong perspectives? I hate being pushed, don’t I? But wait, did she push me? Errrrr…ummm… No, and that’s the difference I think.

She didn’t push me in to it but pulled me along. She didn’t want to be the leader or the instructor nor did she openly challenge my ego. Instead she chose to be the guide as we began a journey of change; one thought at a time, one ritual at a time. What a great feeling of happiness it is to accept and be accepted, to stop resisting and to be at peace.

Clever friend, I am going to learn this from you. I will allow myself to be pulled in and I will pull the others in too. The right place to start would be with my children- pulling them in to my belief system and letting them choose what they like from it. I don’t like being pushed and I won’t push for I know…. nobody likes to be pushed but will gladly be pulled along. Sorry Popeye, I see the biceps receding.

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