Just One Smile

For those of you who have lost hope, lost patience or lost your goal, let me tell you a story. This is a true story of a young girl with cerebral palsy, a condition caused by brain damage. This affects her muscular control and coordination. This is a story of a girl whose life is not just hampered by an awkward gait, twisted face and whispered voice but hers is also a life saddened by a mentally impaired sibling and death of her father.

But, let me assure you, this story is not about sadness nor is this about despair. This story is about hope, faith and about determination. The girl who can’t sit still or walk with ease has climbed Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia which is at 4,095m above sea level and is one of the highest mountains in South-east Asia. She has also successfully published a book and is gainfully employed. She is one determined and positive woman! She smiles, smiles and smiles!

I met this girl  last week. With her golden belt and snazzy hair cut she was vibrant when I appeared plain; she was a confident public speaker when I was nervous and she held out her hand when I hesitated. She smiled and said, “I wish I had your face”. With tears that slipped without warning, I said, “Wish I had your courage” . She told me that her school friends taunted her and jeered wherever she went. She told me she remembers the pain but what she remembers most are the people who helped her and the smiles that helped  her overcome her obstacles. At that instant, the daughter of a washerwoman and basket weaver had gained a big spot in my heart. One smile was enough for her to move forward and one smile should be enough for all of us- for all the encouragement and faith that we may ever need.

Our life should be about that one encouraging smile, that one helping hand that we can get and it should be about that one smile that we can give to as many people out there who may need it.

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