Second Chances are Gifts with No Wrappings



I had imagined my life just so! Immaculate planning, perfect execution and expected results!! How you react to this statement, depends on your age. If you are a child, you would probably lap it up as it reflects your own thoughts but if you are closer to my age then you probably would be sniggering and God forbid, if you are older, then your chuckles must be alarmingly loud! Of Course, there is nothing perfect or expected in life! Alas! I didn’t know that as a child!

Things changed as I grew older. I planned ‘A’ and life threw me ‘B’. I hoped for success but destiny branded me a ‘failure’. Now, I got smarter and decided to pre-empt a failure but again this fickle universe handed me a sweet success. What? Did I say, success?

I was baffled and peered closely. I was alarmed at what I saw.  My gift of success and happiness was not gift- wrapped nor did it have any pretty bows! Hey! In my immaculate planned vision, my success had a pretty pink bow. I stared longer and recognised it for what it was. Though it was smaller, plainer and quite different to my planned success, it was sweet. In fact, it was much sweeter. I wondered about it. Should I be happy or should I consider myself  short-changed? I gave it a thought and decided to be happy and marvelled at my bit of luck. Second time lucky? May not be but second chances? Yes.

Now I know…….we all are given second chances in life, love and career but unfortunately, we may not recognise it. You know why? Simple, because it does not look like the success we had imagined and it comes at the moment we least expect it but that’s the beauty of it, my friend! That’s what makes it so special and that’s what life is all about. Second chances make our lives more beautiful and I am starting to appreciate all the gifts that come in small packages and sans the fancy wrappings…

Honestly, I don’t like pink bows anymore.

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