Smiling Through the Storms

You said that the world was unfair and you deserved better. You wallowed in self- pity and drowned in your sorrows. You threw a tantrum when things didn’t go your way and stomped your foot, demanding justice.

Now, let me show you a little girl who was abandoned at birth and gently guide you to the man who has lost his whole family. Let me introduce you to the woman who was violated again and again and betrayed by her own and then let me show you a mirror. They deserve all my admiration and you my dear friend, deserve all my pity!

I am proud to know people who are strong inside,

Who maybe down and out for a while,

But still have the ability to inspire with their smiles.


One thought on “Smiling Through the Storms

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  1. hey reminds me of the days when im low on self esteem and confidence…but like a pheonix
    i have learnt to rise from my ashes evrytime i fail and fall…it challenges me more to go beyond my limits or expectations laughing at the face of destiny when i achieve my goals.


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