Life’s Journey with the Things I Like

I like Sunday mornings and I like Friday afternoons.  I like balance in my life and I like balance in my thoughts.
I  like September  because I get to thank so many people for the Birthday wishes. I like December because I like the Christmas carols and I like the Rotund Santa! I like the smell of chlorine when I am around the swimming pool and I like a baby’s twitching feet. I like hearty soups and sinful desserts. I like being a nurturer, a nurse and  the caretaker of my family, my friends and all those who need me. I like warm water and I like cold Pina coladas. I like long walks and endless conversations. Philosophy, History, Art, Poetry and People.
 I like clouds that make patterns, I like sunbeams that sneak in to the house when I am not looking and I like the anticipation of an upcoming vacation. I like cousins, uncles and aunts.Yes, the entire family, the extended family and to some extent the black sheep of the family.  I like the way music travels in to my veins, I like a different view-point and I like it when you have valid reason. I even like to admit defeat when proved wrong. I like clear thinking but I get a kick out of impulsive decisions. I like possibilities, second chances and  learning from failures. No pretensions and no politics. I say as it is and expect the same. I like honesty and I like integrity. I like wider perspective, bigger canvas and I like taking a step back… at times.
 I travel with all my ‘likes’ and they help me through troubled times and through my hate, my failures and my dislikes. They are my travel companions in life and together we have set out to reach our goals.
 There’s just this confession that I must make.
 This journey is not for the destination’s sake.
 Though, reaching destination is on my mind
 I can’t leave the experiences behind.
I may reach my resting place soon..
 but it will be still be about Sunday morning and Friday afternoon.

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