Time doesn’t Stop

Time doesn’t stop but sometimes I do. My feet get heavy, my thoughts turn back and life rewinds to moments long gone by.  The colours have faded from that scene, some bits have got stuck in my memory gaps and the words are garbled. Yet I remember the emotions of those moments like it was yesterday. I recollect and reminisce. Here I was sad and tears sting my eyes. Here I was happy and a smile plays on my lips. Here I am forgotten and I feel lost and lonely.

It’s easy to forget the passage of time but difficult to forget the way you felt days ago, months ago… years ago. Maybe a lifetime has passed or maybe it hasn’t really. It was me there and it is me here. People with me have changed, the places have changed and my life has changed. I want to stop and pause; I want to look back and remember more but the clock keeps ticking somewhere.

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