Be a Listener

In this noisy world, nobody listens. Every individual is fighting to have a voice and then ensures that it is heard. The riotous cacophony is all that is left because there are no sound- catchers. People speak and expect no responses; people question but are reluctant to be presented with answers; people talk, whisper, sing, shout, hum, roar, clang, bang and drum away all reasoning. What’s going on?

Who will listen to the words? Who will interact? How will ideas be exchanged? The strong, powerful and the loud get their way,  through the din and march ahead but what will the silent do? How will the soft-spoken be heard? How will a helpless ask for help? How will a distressed express himself? How will a child get his point across? How will a neglect be identified? How will an abuse discovered and how will a gentle thought blossom in to love?

We have done enough of speaking now. Time to be a listener; it’s time to catch the sound of a heart beat; it’s time to catch a murmur; it’s time to catch a sigh and it’s time to catch a plea. Speech expert, it’s time to be a sound- catcher now!

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