If there’s Ice Cream for Breakfast, Life’s Good!

I am a practical, pragmatic kind of person, the kind who is seen as stable and mature. I usually step back and look at the bigger picture. But then, ‘usually’ does not mean ‘always’ and what’s life if it’s always cautious?

Sometimes, there is no picture- big or small. It’s just that moment and nothing else. These are the times that I wish, life would be sans thoughts for the future; without complex ambitions, bereft of success and failures and unaffected by a bigger picture. These are the times when I wish all that should matter is the gratitude of being alive and a celebration of life.

When we complicate matters by linking the present with past and projecting it to the future, the glory of the moment is lost. All of a sudden, the uncluttered moment gets linked to a complex universe and we are burdened by our very existence.

Of course, the reality remains that we are after all complex beings and indeed living in a complex universe which does have a bigger picture somewhere. So I remain practical, remain pragmatic and remain in this scheme of things but love sneaking in few uncomplicated moments to celebrate life anyways. I love such simple, solitary, unadulterated moments which have no purpose, no reason, no season and which are part of no plan.They are just impulses which maybe flawed but not failures, casual but not callous, now but not forever… like walking barefoot on the grass, like smiling at a stranger and… errrrr having an ice cream for breakfast.

In the life of this practical, worldly-wise lady, if once in a while you can enjoy an ice cream for breakfast… life is good. No complaints!!!

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