Life is Never Great Unless You are Comfortable with Yourself

People inspire us and we ape. We copy dressing styles, hair styles, talking styles and even life styles! If we admire somebody, we copy; if someone is famous, we copy and if that’s what we aspire to be; we copy. Now there is hardly anything wrong with being inspired, having a role model or wanting to better ourselves. But, there is a lot out of sync if we want to be someone else that we are not. It works initially and with practice, we may get the hang of a new speaking style or dressing style and convince ourselves that we are this new person; but try as hard as we want, we can’t recognize this stranger in the mirror. This stranger may look very exciting at first but the novelty wears off sooner or later. Unfortunately, in the process we also alienate a lot of friends and well wishers who fail to relate to a new pseudo person that has taken the place of their once trusted though flawed loved one. That is one huge loss that can never be replaced.

So, it’s not about being a different or a new ‘me’ but it’s about being a better or enhanced ‘me’. Being true to myself is very difficult because it means that I have to have faith in myself but then, unless I have the strength to stand by my flawed self, I will never be at peace, never happy and whatever the parameters of the world maybe; I will never be really successful. Admire lifestyles, emulate successful behaviour but be comfortable with who you originally are.

Enhance yourself, improve yourself. Stop smoking, take the stairs or take up that part- time MBA that you have eyed for so long. Embark on a journey but remember that destinations may change, the mode of journey may change but never the name of the traveller.

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