Don’t Let Go of the Connects!

Has it ever happened that you met someone and in just the first few moments of interaction known that you would get along? The age, sex, background did not matter. Nor did the short duration of knowing each other matter. All that mattered was the silent ‘click’ and the realisation that you have connected. Interestingly, these connects are not always the first meetings. You may have met them before but perhaps, this was the first interaction that you have had. It’s the connect.

I love such connects and I call them ‘Energy Enhancers’ or ‘EEs’. EEs increase your energy level and make you more alive, more aware, and they simply enhance the faded existence of yours, even if for that brief moment. They are so imperative in life and so rare that if you get lucky and meet someone who can charge the energy around you, then don’t let them go out of your life.

That does not mean you smother them because if you do, you may as well bid them farewell. Why? Because, connects are precious and they need sensitive care. However, they are safe and they do not need overzealous guarding. Therefore, ‘don’t let them go’ simply means that you stay in touch, be around and don’t lose track of them. EEs have the ability to stay connected across the miles and across time zones.

Unfortunately, in life you meet less EEs and more ‘Energy Inhibitors’ or ‘EIs’. These people are the opposite of EEs and they have a brilliant ability to squeeze out your energy, lower your self-esteem and turn you in to a stuttering and incoherent imbecile. Not joking! They also breed at an alarming rate and they inhabit the earth. They are not mean or bad in any way but you simply don’t hear that magic ‘click’ with them.

I have a theory. As you grow older, you recognise the EE more easily. That’s just perfect because when age is ready to diminish your energy, the ‘Enhancers’ step in. Another wonderful reason to look forward to getting older and wiser! A friend said, ‘older but not wiser’. What a waste! He must have let go off the Energy Enhancers in his life.

Tip of the day: If you find the people you like, who can add zest to your life and brighten your existence, don’t let them go. Ever!

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