Staying Humble and Successful

Staying humble and successful

I am not vain; neither do I have too high an opinion about my abilities. I am an average person doing my best, like everyone else. Like most, I fail sometimes and succeed at other times. And like most, I have an alarming tendency to be at my weakest and worst behaviour when things are going good.

I have noticed a pattern with most of us. If we perform well, are appreciated and feel good about ourselves, our confidence rises and a heady intoxication of success seeps in, however small.  It causes us to go off guard and say things, which we usually would not, and end up behaving uncharacteristically.  This often results in spoiling the perfect glory that we were having and most often we have to thank ourselves for that misfortune.

Let me repeat- I am not vain, yet I have acted like one, so many times. I have been flippant and in my newly founded confidence, often overstepped my limits in these brief and transient moments of glory. Take an example of a small incident that happened years ago. I was part of the team choreographing a dance performance for a coveted programme. I was happy with the praises and glad of the way things were working out. I was unguarded and commented on the people who were not in the show, hinting that they would have been better off if we choreographed for them too. I alienated a lot of friends with that comment which I regret till date. It was uncharacteristic and I would have never made such a comment if I were not riding high on praises.

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