Only the Small Things Matter

In my world only the small things matter for my world is full of tiny yet brilliant, multifaceted, myriads of small things that fit in beautifully to make a shiny ball of happiness. How? It’s Simple- a lot of thought and effort go in to the tiny stuffs till they shine faultless and whole.

If people are not constantly worried about big goals, big dreams and big mountains waiting to be crossed over, then life would be simpler. Be happy with each moment, pleased with now and if the moment is not perfect then just wonder and work out how to make it better. It’s too much stress to think how to make the next 20 years better but it’s not too difficult to work out how to make 1 day better. It’s less work and you use all your mental, physical and psychological faculties towards it. Every problem can be solved. Why? Abundance of resources at hand, don’t you see!”

“So enjoy this moment”, life said. “Never again, will it be”.

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